Christina grew up on the Southside of Jamestown and attended Jamestown Public Schools. As an only child, Christina watched her parents work hard to make ends meet. Due to financial hardship, she started working various jobs as a teenager. 

Christina often worked two jobs to support her goals of higher education and entrepreneurship. By the time she was 30, Christina had dedicated over a decade to the restaurant industry. She says this experience instilled in her the importance of living a life of service. 

As a Sales and Marketing professional, Christina has worked as a Creative Director, Corporate Sales Trainer, and a Sales and Marketing Manager. In 2017, Christina launched her own Sales and Marketing business. To promote equity, she provides pro bono advertisement design for Black/Hispanic/Woman-owned businesses. 

Christina understands the challenges for working families. This inspired her to run for NY State Assembly in 2020. As a public figure, Christina has boldly advocated for the working class. She openly discusses her experiences as a restaurant worker, citing poverty, workplace injury, and the inability to unionize.

In 2021, The Working Families Party endorsed Christina. She is proudly running as a Working Families and Democratic candidate.