Christina's Platform -- The Issues That Mean The Most


Equality concentrates on treating everyone the same. Equity focuses on realizing people are not always on equal footing to start with. Christina understands equal treatment can, at times, perpetuate inequality. She aims to dismantle institutional unfairness and assist the people who have been hindered by systemic barriers.


Christina wants all women to achieve their full potential. That’s why she's an advocate for women in leadership, taking action against unpaid labor, investing in women entrepreneurs, and ending the gender wage gap. Christina is devoted to helping women protect themselves against abusive partners.


Poverty statistics do not always consider critical necessities like housing, healthcare, education, and transportation. Statistics may understate the true share of citizens living in poverty. Combating poverty requires humanitarian efforts. Christina supports better housing initiatives, modernizing public transportation, investing in mobile markets, and expanding broadband internet access. 


Workers deserve an equitable and healthy environment, free from discrimination and unsafe conditions. Without their labor, there is no profit. Christina is, without a doubt, the pro-labor candidate. She strongly supports labor/worker unions and will never stop fighting for working families.


Citizens have every right to access governmental proceedings. The people deserve to know how elected officials are conducting business and spending tax dollars. A government that is clear about its decision-making is one that makes better choices about how it serves its constituents. Christina firmly believes transparency is a prerequisite to good government.