Vision for Chautauqua


Caring for the People of Chautauqua County
SUPPORT local businesses — foster investment and combat the loss of revenue from COVID-19 pandemic
MAINTAIN rural communities — provide incentives for small farms to grow and market in the local community
INVEST in our youth — expand the support for local youth-related services to help protect our children and prepare them for the future
ADVANCE — effective drug-addiction programs, including outpatient therapies and easier access to resources
DEVELOP — better mental health related services, including access, care, and quantity

Improving Quality of Life
RESTORE Chautauqua Lake using proven techniques to remove toxic algae and ensure the safety for county residents
INVENT solutions to repair a tax-stressed county
IDENTIFY ways to lower cost of living and increase revenue for Chautauqua County  
MARKET Chautauqua County’s individual assets to increase infrastructure, revenue, and tourism
EXPAND public transportation, allowing for easier travel within Chautauqua County and to/from larger cities
REMOVE food deserts through new modes of transportation and mobile food markets
EXECUTE new safety precautions for residential neighborhoods
CREATE new rental-property policy, to improve living conditions for renters and eliminate irresponsible or absent landlords

Let's Focus On:
• Government accountability and transparency
• Working families 
• Lack of opportunity and employment
• Affordable housing -- owning or renting
• Poverty
• Food security
• Inequality
• Drug addiction
• Public education -- curriculums and schedules
• Limited access to healthcare and health-related services
• Affordability of healthcare
• Updating infrastructure